The Most Comprehensive Adonis Golden Ratio Review

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What’s This Golden Ratio Thing All About? Does it help you build an immaculate body?


The Adonis Golden Ratio program is designed to help men get the “perfect” physique.

The term “perfection” is defined by the Adonis Golden Ratio as a formula for the body shape that will be most subconsciously attractive to women, It is based on the scientific fact that we are designed to find a certain shape of body far more attractive. It is a 12 week system which is divided into three 4-week cycles.


This fully adaptable training program can be applied no matter what your age or current workout plan. This is because it will take your personal DNA, and therefore body type, into account. By doing this it allows you to tailor your workout and nutritional program to burn fat for energy, and build lean muscle mass at the fastest possible rate.


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The Minds Behind Adonis Golden Ratio System:

The guy who created this is John Barban, with help from Kyle Leon. You won’t know John, but it would be pretty hard to find anyone more qualified to create this system. Apart from the 10 years he’s spent as THE consultant for most the sports supplements industry, he also teaches Human Performance at Florida University.


According to John Barban’s official website:

“My formal education background is a Masters In Human Biology and Nutrition from U of Guelph, where I spent 3 years as a varsity strength and conditioning coach for the ice hockey team. I did further graduate research and taught exercise physiology at the University of Florida. I’ve taken a bunch of personal training certifications, all the usual ones such as the NSCA CSCS, ACE PT, CSEP, etc.”


The Golden Ratio is 1:1.618.


What does this mean? Well, according to the example cited in the book, the distance between your head and your navel is 1:1.618 of the distance from your head to the tips of your fingers.


The Golden Ratio was used by artists like Leonardo da Vinci and architects like Le Corbusier to define the ideal male body. Sculptures were created according to these measurements, and it is these measurements that women find most attractive.

The purpose of the Adonis Golden Ratio books is to help you achieve that “perfect” ratio of broad shoulders, defined chest, a tight waist, and well-defined arm and leg muscles.

Inside you will find detailed information on what types of exercise you should be doing, andjust as importantly the exercises you should AVOID. Those dead lifts and weighted abdominal crunches you’ve been doing – bad idea says John, and he’ll show you why.


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The book lists the three different programs used in the Adonis Golden Ratio package:
1. Burn — The focus of this program is on burning fat to the extreme, helping those that are very overweight to lose weight and getting in good shape.


2. Build and Burn — For those who need to tighten up their muscles and get rid of those last few pounds of fat, this is the option for them. Lean muscle is built, and maximum fat is burned.


3. Build –– This program focuses on those that need to pack on the pounds of muscles, essentially hardgainers. It aims to promote a high-calorie diet and fitness program that builds muscle mass.


Supplement Guide


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This guide book is different to any other supplement information you’ve ever read.
Remember, this is coming from the guy the supplement industry go to for advice.

There’s a ton of money spent in the sports supplement industry. And most of those companies want your money without caring a hoot about your real results.

As John says, 9 out of 10 protein supplements are a total waste of money. And he’s found only 1 fat burner that’s of any use (bet you’ve never heard of this one when he tells you what’s in it either!).
All of which is outrageous of course. But that’s why John now only trusts 2 brands (he also shows you a neat trick to save big on those too).


The Diet Guide


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All three programs come with a diet guide to help take the mystery from how and what to eat.
Right off the bat, you get three nifty tips to get you started:

3 Simple Rules to Live by:
1. Eat breakfast no more than 30 minutes after waking up

2. Eat every 3 to 5 hours

3. Eat your largest meal or have a protein shake immediately after working out


The first half of the book is dedicated to a complete meal plan consisting of 56 days’ worth of menus. The recipes are all incredibly simple, but are definitely delicious. You’ll find that they all use ingredients that you can find anywhere, and anyone can prepare them no matter how limited your skills in the kitchen may be!



The book gives you a long grocery list, complete with everything that you will need to prepare the meals on the menu. It even breaks down the grocery list by week, so you can know exactly what to get and when. Definitely taking the mystery out of the whole process!

The book has you list the things that motivate you to get in shape, and it’s sort of a fitness journal that you can fill out as you go. There’s a whole section dedicated to helping you find your motivation, and the content is very inspiring and positive.

One very important section is the Big Goals and Small Goals section. All of us set big goals, but it’s often hard to reach the big goals because they’re just so big. The ebook helps you to break it down into small, attainable goals, making it easier for you to work towards that large, overreaching goal.
The 10 Steps for Success

We can’t give you all 10 steps, but here are a few:
• Track your success
• Use “Before” and “After” photos
• Plan ahead
• Reduce temptation
The tips given are simple and easy to follow, but they’ll help keep you on track to your fitness goals.


The Workout Manual

Each program comes with its own workout manual, complete with:

• A list of exercises to do with each workout
• A weightlifting workout to do 4 days of the week
• A cardio intervals workout to do 2 days of the week
• Advice on how many reps to do per workout, depending on the cycle you are going through
• Three cycles–Growth, Lean Muscle, Definition–each lasting 4 weeks


It’s a nice, complete fitness program, and you’ll find that it takes the mystery out of your daily gym session. Just print out the PDF file, and take it with you to the gym to know EXACTLY what to do and how many times to do it.



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How Much Does It Cost?

You’re probably expecting a figure in the hundreds here. But the full training package will actually only set you back around $47. That’s everything including the nutrition software. They also throw in some neat extra bonuses. And because it’s all an instant download thing, there’s no shipping costs to pay either.


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