STANLEY STHT77340 Cubix Cross Line Laser Product Review

Stanley Tools - Cubix Cross Line Laser - STHT77340

When you are making upgrades to your home, you have to ensure that specific redesigns are level. Putting in new kitchen cupboards, making another entryway, or re-tiling a restroom are all reasons that you could require a cross line laser level, however as a DIYer, you might not have any desire to spend as much on your apparatuses as somebody who needs them for expert undertakings. The Stanley Cubix Cross Line Laser is a gadget that is in all likelihood ideal for your requirements.


It is a little, minimized gadget that can without much of a stretch be put away and outside of anyone’s ability to see; truth be told, it is just around eight crawls in length, six creeps wide, and two inches tall. It is additionally extremely helpful to tote around when you require, as it just measures somewhat more than a pound. Since it is a cross line laser level, it has two pillars that can be utilized independently or together to make the points that you require. This unit likewise has a locking pendulum, which makes points that are not at 90 degrees much simpler to make.

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Seeing that precision is concerned, this device does not fall behind in view of its lower value point; in actuality it has a 5/sixteenth crawl exactness level at a separation of up to 12 meters. Moreover, the shine at this separation is amazingly simple to see. The shaft can be seen at a most extreme separation of 50 feet, yet the perceivability and exactness may decrease a bit. This unit is a self leveling instrument, which implies that making alterations is once in a while a necessity, yet when it is required, it is easy to finish.

This laser level requires two AA batteries to work. One component that makes utilizing this gadget more helpful is the way that it can be mounted from five of the six sides, so it ought to have the capacity to be utilized for generally items. Likewise, our ballin’ on a spending pick is the main cross line laser level on our rundown that accompanies a constrained lifetime guarantee, which says a ton for the nature of this instrument.

Around 74 percent of the surveys posted on Amazon have been given a star nature of four or five. Here is a case of one five star tribute: “I have utilized this laser as a part of various circumstances and it has truly made a difference. I am as of now laying new baseboard in the wake of repainting dividers in my home, and the Stanley Cubix Cross Line Laser has given a speedy approach to arrange and conform for tallness. My next venture is to tear out my tub and introduce a tiled shower.”

Elements of STANLEY STHT77340

Extends brilliant level and vertical lines:

The key element of the gadget is that it anticipates brilliant vertical and even lines on to level surfaces giving clients simple,easy arrangement and leveling for tasks, for example, racking and tiles position.

A Locking Pendulum:

It permits client to set rakish lines for railings and handrail design. It likewise causes in forestalling harm to the inner parts.

Run 407Accuracy +/ – 5/16″:

The laser shaft is anticipated up to 12 meters with great shine, particularly for indoor utilize.

Accompanies a Multi-connect Bracket:

The section has a cinch which fits in a few sides of the gadget making it more adaptable. It can be mounted on 5 distinct sides and can be utilized as a part of the route by changing the brace. the 1/4″ string clip can be braced on different surfaces like dividers, entryways, seats and so on

Stanley Tools - Cubix Cross Line Laser - STHT77340STANLEY STHT77340Compact and light-weight:

An exceptionally helpful condescend in brilliant yellow shading with dark fringes and brand mark on one side, with sliding force catch.

Incorporates 2 modes:

The power catch accompanies two mode choices, Self leveling mode and Lock mode which is valuable for altering the laser, ordinarily to level roofs.


perfect for development, DIY and tradesmen work going from altering home stylistic layouts to building dividers, roof, racks, tiles, floor tiles and so on.

Pros of STANLEY STHT77340


Self leveling 3.

Locking pendulum for rakish lines.

Lightweight and minimized plan.

Can without much of a stretch be clipped on different surfaces at coveted points.

The bolt mode can be turned on for gaining settled lines.

The strung mounting gap can be utilized on a camera tripod.


Laser is not brilliant.

Projection is short.

The flat and vertical line can’t be turned on independently.

Favored just for indoor utilize.

The mounting section is not firm.

Last Words:

So finally I should say that on the off chance that you need somewhat, Self Leveling Cross Lines then stanley stht77340 can be a sections of your parts box.To make your work easier.Stanley stht77340 ‘s extends brilliant even and vertical lines onto level surfaces as well.

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