Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level laser Product Review

The Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level is an extraordinary various capacity device that is perfect for any employment that requires leveling or dividing. It consolidates a 3-position bubble level, a measuring tape and a laser level into one helpful instrument. You can utilize it in different ways, i.e. it can be utilized to hang picture outlines, laying flooring, introducing racking and hanging backdrop, and so forth. The accompanying are the essential components that go with this straightforward, yet completely useful instrument:

✔ 3-PRONGED APPROACH – consolidates a calibrated measuring tape, a triple-situated leveling bubble and a NEW laser level to give greatest results.(Note: Laser Ranging Error,that is given as “+/ – 2mm at 10m and 25m”;If the laser is the Vertical Level or the Horizontal Level, you shouldn’t conform the Beam.)

✔ WORKS ANYWHERE – intended for any circumstance where a straight line or precise estimations are required, for example, measuring areas on a divider, space between holders, level the nails. Notwithstanding the circumstance, it’s totally plug and play.

✔ 8-FOOT Measuring Tape – comes stacked with a 8-foot measure that incorporates royal and metric direct measures, with graduations down to 1/32″ and 1mm.

✔ BACKUP BATTERY – ships with 3 x AG 13 catch cells battery, just to ensure you continue running with greatest comfort.

✔ IDEAL For Any Job That Requires A Straight Line Or Accurate Measurement. [CONTACT US]: Due the new and old Instruction stock were blended in Amazon distribution center. Furthermore, We couldn’t affirm whether Amazon had sent the Laser level accompany the no-reasonable direction to you. If not, please reach us, we will send the E-manual to you in time.

Qooltek Multi-reason Laser Level

Utilize this Multipurpose Laser Level for hanging pictures, introducing shelving,laying flooring, hanging backdrop and then some.

The measuring tape is a 8-foot measure that incorporates magnificent and metric direct measures, with graduations down to 1/32″ and 1mm.

Elements of Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

Plan and Durability

This apparatus arrives in a basic outline that makes it very simple to utilize and transport. It’s dark in shading, weighs around 184g and its measurements are 18.5 (L) x 6.2(W) x 2.8 (H) cm. The instrument is for the most part made out of hard plastic, while the ruler at the base is made out of aluminum. The ruler is in both cm and inches.

Range and Accuracy

This is a standout amongst the most significant perspectives that you search for when attempting to accomplish straight lines. This is a genuinely precise laser that works extraordinary, even 20 feet away. The instrument highlights an eight-foot long measuring tape that locks when pushed out, and it incorporates supreme and metric direct estimations, with degrees down to 1/32″ and 1mm.

Projection and Leveling

The Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level has three settings for the laser – vertical, flat and cross. This apparatus additionally has a calculated air pocket level at a 45-degree edge, which can be utilized as a part of establishment of racks. The laser greatest yield is less 0.5mW, and the laser light has an on/off force switch.

Mounting Options

While this apparatus isn’t attractive, it be appended to a movable tripod. When you turn the unit on, the red laser light shows up on the divider. You can modify the stature of the tripod with the goal that you can arrange your photos along that level red laser line.


Item Size: 7.28 (L) x 2.5(W) x 1.1 (H) Inch

Item Size: 18.5 (L) x 6.2(W) x 2.8 (H) cm

Bundling Size: 8.27*3.15*1.57 Inch

Bundling Size: 210*80*40mm

Shading : Black

Net Weight: 6.49oz

Net Weight: 184g

Bundle weight: 9.2oz

Bundle weight: 260g

Unique box: YES


▲Laser radiation, maintain a strategic distance from direct eye introduction!

▲A laser gadget is not a toy and should not be permitted to fall under the control of youngsters.

▲Misuse of the gadget can bring about changeless eye harm.

▲Any redress measures that are gone for expanding the laser force are prohibited.

▲The laser gadget does not contain any client administration parts.

▲Please don’t open the lodging as doing this would not cover the guarantee.


▲Please press the key catch when you haul out the measuring tape, it would improve the measuring tape and simpler utilizing.

▲Please slacken the key catch to bolt the reel when the measuring tape have been drawn out the length you needed.

Bundling content:

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Beam Adjusted Tool

1 x Level Laser (included:3 x AG 13 Button-Cells)

Go down battery:3 x AG 13 Button-Cells


Generally speaking, the Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level is a helpful, convenient device to have. It’s anything but difficult to utilize and can be utilized as a part of different applications, from hanging bunches of stuff to making lines for painting stripes. Its lightweight nature makes it simple to move starting with one point then onto the next, which makes your work much less demanding. Is it a commendable purchase? Considering every one of the masters that are connected with it, then it’s entitlement to say that it is.

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