Johnson Level and Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level Product Review

At the point when searching for a decent quality cheap line level there are a lot of alternatives out there. We as of late had the chance to survey Johnson’s entrance level line laser unit 40-0921 and thought it offered some genuine pleasant components for the cash.

Out of the Box

Right of the bat we were upbeat to see that this pack incorporates a tripod and laser glasses yet at the same time stays at an extremely focused cost. We were not unpleasant awed with the tripod quality but rather insubordinately sufficient for periodic utilize and has the 5/8″- 11 string which can be hard to discover without heading off to a rotating laser tripod, which can get expensive.

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The Laser

With regards to cross line lasers this unit is certainly on the bigger side. Large portions of these style lasers are sufficiently conservative to fit in belt pockets. The bigger round shape allows for a 360° graduated base which turns, a pleasant component over the other reduced models. This unit is exact to ¼” at 35 feet which is standard for section level and positively sufficiently exact for generally assignments. The pendulum is self leveling and secures when not utilize nonetheless if something ought to turn out badly the 3 year guarantee certain gives somewhat additional bit of psyche. The one drawback we saw with this unit was no ¼”- 20 string, basic for most post and divider mounts, additionally no magnets which we have seen on other unit mounts. We observed the laser quality to be truly solid, fundamentally the same as aggressive models and a few higher-end line units so no objections there.

By and large

For the cash an awesome unit, with regards to DIY or remodeler lasers the line laser is certainly the most prominent and seemingly the most helpful. Having all that you require in one pack and such a basic laser to work this unit truly to leave the case. Our one wish would be that it had a ¼”- 20 mounting choice also, not that it needs is with the included tripod yet you never know.


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