HAMMERHEAD_HLCL360_Self-Leveling 360-Degree Cross Line Laser Product Review



Product Information

HAMMERHEAD Self-Leveling 360-Degree Cross-Line Laser extends a splendid, consistent, even line over the majority of a room’s surfaces, up to 60 feet in width. You settle on the decision for your venture: a 360 degree level line, a vertical line, or both even and vertical lines. For significantly more noteworthy adaptability, the 360-Degree Cross Line Laser can be physically situated to venture lines that are neither level nor plumb for activities that require them, for example, corner to corner tiled backsplashes.


The unit will self-level when situated inside 4 degrees of level; a LED marker turns red when the unit is situated outside of the self-leveling range. In the bolt (manual) mode, the cross line laser can be situated to venture lines that are not level or plumb for tasks that require them.


The cross line laser might be mounted on any 5/8″ strung tripod screw. Pack incorporates


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(1) Self-Leveling 360-degree Cross Line Laser,

(4) AA Batteries and

(1) Soft Bag

Extends splendid lines; perfect for tile arrangement, divider studding, windows, entryways, and so forth.

360-degree even laser gives all-around leveling scope over a 60 ft. measurement

Exactness: 1/8 in. at a scope of 30 ft.

Three laser-line modes: Level, Plumb and Cross-Line

Self-leveling capacity when inside 4Degree of level


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