HAMMERHEAD_HLCL01_Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Product Review

Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser with ClampProduct Details
The Hammerhead HLCL01 Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser is an awesome device that you can use in various circumstances for an assortment of ventures.
The device, as the name proposes, is self-leveling, so you don’t need to invest careful energy finding an impeccable level or plumb line. Generally speaking, the apparatus positions among the best laser line levels, yet it isn’t as focused as the absolute best in specific zones, for example, precision appraisals and projection capacities.Read customer Reviews on Amazon

This self-leveling laser line level uses an inward pendulum to ensure the instrument delivers a splendidly level or plumb line. As a result of this, you can put the instrument itself around four degrees out of level and the pendulum changes the distinction. When you set the laser up, or on the off chance that you knock it, the level takes roughly five seconds to subside into position. On the off chance that the level is put outside the four-degree extend, a LED at the highest point of the unit turns red and the laser flashes over and again, so you’ll know it should be balanced. You can secure the pendulum so you can extend a line out of level when required.

The laser line level has a working scope of 30 feet with a precision rating of a quarter inch. This separation and exactness rating is not the best out of the laser line levels we inspected, however it is still extremely compelling. Amid our testing procedure, we found that this laser line level creates a line at 110 degrees, which is somewhat wide, which means you can extend a line over a whole divider or two dividers. This element is particularly valuable when you need to hang pictures at the same tallness on two or more dividers.

The HLCL01 requires two AA batteries that are incorporated with the instrument, and they give you roughly 15 hours of consistent use. This battery life is amazing and guarantees that you don’t need to always supplant the batteries or stress over the level biting the dust on you mid-venture. The level accompanies a movable cinch that you connect to the device with standard quarter-inch tripod threading. This implies you can utilize most camera tripods with the device, which is exceptionally helpful.

The organization offers a three-year restricted guarantee, which is the longest guarantee time we found in laser line levels. In the event that you keep running into any issue with the item, you can download an online client manual or look at the FAQs segment to check whether any of your inquiries have as of now been replied. You can likewise contact the organization through email or via telephone. Sadly, the organization does not offer live visit support.

The Hammerhead HLCL01 ventures its flat laser at 110 degrees, which permits you to cast a level line over various dividers.

The organization does not offer live visit support.

This laser line level does not have the best projection capacities, but rather it is a viable and adaptable apparatus that you can use for various ventures.


The Hammerhead HLCL01 is an incredible alternative when you are searching for a laser line level. It anticipates lines up to 30 feet with a quarter-inch exactness rating, which isn’t the best out of the items we looked into however is still exceptionally utilitarian and precise. The AA batteries give around 15 hours of persistent use, so you’ll get a lot of work out of the level before expecting to supplant batteries. In general, the Hammerhead is an awesome laser line level and is among the best devices we assessed.

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