HAMMERHEAD HLLT10 10-Inch. Digital Level with Laser Product Review

Product Description

 The HAMMERHEAD 10-inch Digital Level with Laser clearly displays angles with up to 1/20 degree accuracy. Angles can be displayed in degrees, percentage and IN/FT (rise over run). The memory records and can recall the last 9 measurements. Any angle may be set as 0 degree for use as reference between two angles. An audible indicator identifies 0, 45, and 90 degrees, as well as the last recorded angle to make setups easier. Accurately measure and store angles in degrees, % and IN/FT (rise over run), then easily read them on the large, back-lit digital screen. The display inverts when the level is inverted for convenient work overhead. In addition to the clear digital display, set the level to beep at 0°, 45°, 90° and the last saved angle. Save up to 9 measurements.

There are two display modes: high accuracy, which measures angles within 1 degree of level or plumb with up to 1/20 degree accuracy; and regular accuracy, which measures all other angles with up to 1/10 degree accuracy. The large, back-lit LCD display inverts when the level is inverted so the display always reads right-side-up. A laser dot projected from the level is visible at 100 ft. for long-distance alignment. The durable aluminum base with integrated ruler includes strong magnets for firm attachment to flat surfaces and pipes and is compatible with all ¼” threaded tripod mounts. Kit includes: (1) Digital Level with Laser, (2) AAA Battery and (1) Soft bag

The precision to get the job done quickly and accurately.

The laser-dot projection is visible at 100-feet for long-distance alignment.

The durable aluminum base with integrated ruler has strong magnets for firm attachments to flat surfaces; 10 inch and 24 inch levels are also compatible with all 1/4-inch threaded tripod screws.

Features & Highlights
Accurate angles to 1/10 degree, and 1/20 degree at level or plump positions in high-accuracy mode
Recalls last 9 angle measurements; audible indicator at 0, 45, 90 degrees and last recorded angle
Easy-to-read digital display, and unit selection: degrees (Degree), % and IN/FT
Laser dot projection visible at 100 ft. to support long-distance angle measurements
Durable aluminum base with ruler scale and strong magnets


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