Etekcity S9 Layout-Smart Class II Laser Distance Measurer Product Review

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Flexible Applications


There are so many uses for this device, and so many functions that it’s awesome! It measures territory, stature, volume, and also place summation. . It capabilities small integrated vertical and horizontal stages on the lowest corner of the unit, each of which paintings perfectly. The unit takes two AAA batteries, which have been protected inside the unit, in addition to a small screwdriver to open and close the battery door. within the container, you will additionally find a reachable nylon carrying pouch.

There are three unique ways that it may degree. the primary way, measures from the pinnacle of the unit, to in which your laser stops. the second one way, measures from the bottom of the unit. The third measures from the collapsible arm on the lowest of the unit. There are unique methods to show your measurements as well. every time you operate the tool, it saves the final measurements above your modern one and you can without difficulty clean them out by urgent the CLR button.

One way I realize that it’s miles correct, is because I measured from our floor to the ceiling. we’ve laminate floors and popcorn ceiling, which could throw off the dimension a little bit, but our ceilings are eight toes tall, and the device registered it as 7’11” 7/8 which sounds extraordinarily correct!

whether or not used for indoors design, production, real property, landscaping, or game, the Etekcity® S9 is engineered to meet your measuring desires with 5 calculation features: place, peak (Pythagorean Theorem), extent, location Summation, and Addition/Subtraction. to be had gadgets of degree include meters, feet and inches to make certain you’re getting the numbers you need.


  • Precision Laser Technology: Class II Laser, measuring up to 131ft (40m) and accuracy within 1/16th-in (1.5mm). Measures meters, feet, and inches One button operation including continuous mode and measurement memory: store and recall the last 20 measurements; Measurement reference point extension supported
  • Five Calculation Functions: Area, Height (Pythagorean Theorem), Volume, Area Summation, Addition/Subtraction; Built-in vertical and horizontal levels
  • Compact Design: Built to be portable and durable for versatile use and can firmly rest on any flat surface
  • Powerful backlit LCD display included for clear and convenient viewing at any time of day or night

Additional Features:Product Image

1. Measurement reference point extension: it would be handy to use when measuring from corners or edges.

2. Built-in vertical and horizontal levels: a basic feature that is useful to have on tools, a lot of the time you need to check to make sure things are level or straight, and the levels help this and also help to make sure they are measuring straight.

The good
– Very correct
– Has many capabilities past locating simply distance
– shops the maximum current measurements for introduced convenience
– light weight and sturdy
– constructed in stage
– Has a backlight for operation in low mild/no light situations

The bad
– only a little on the cumbersome facet


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This digital laser measure is fantastic with loads of wonderful features. although this does not absolutely update a tape measure, it may update a tape degree in most conditions. i would incredibly endorse this product.

Measuring Range: 0.328ft ~ 130ft (0.1m ~ 40m)
Measuring Accuracy: ±1/16-in (1.5mm)
Laser Type: Class II /<1mW / 630-670nm
Measurement Units: m / in. / ft.
Data Storage: 20 measurments
Auto Laser: 30 sec.
Protection: IP54 enclosure/Dust Proof
Battery: 2 x AAA DC 1.5V batteries
Battery Life: up to 5000 measurements
Weight (with batteries): 0.25 lb. (113.4g)
Dimensions: 4.52″ x 2.04″ x 1.28″

Max/Min: OK
Continuous Beam: OK
Addition/Subtraction: OK
Area/Volume Measurement: OK
Pythagorean Function: OK
Beep Indication: OK
Backlight Display: OK

Package Contents
1 x Etekcity® S9 Laser Distance Meter
1 x User Manual
2 x AAA batteries
1 x Pouch
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