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Can't you buy it? Call of Duty Modern War

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Can't you buy it? Call of Duty Modern War
The "buy or not" column aims to guide the purchase, providing the introduction of the game, the version information of the game and the evaluation of the game by some foreign media. As the 16th orthodox sequel of the series, the story mode of soft restart is made by Infinity Ward. Although this work is titled with the subtitle of "modern war", it has no direct plot connection with the trilogy of modern war developed by Infinity Ward before. Instead, it inherits the most famous role in the series, "Captain price", to tell a new story. Players will work with different international special forces and fighters fighting for freedom to move to the gray zone of the war. Players will launch a series of secret operations in Europe's iconic cities and the turbulent Middle East. Missions will include stealth, close quarters, and long-range operations, which will test players' tactical ability.
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