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"Fetters" system in dragon 7: Adults' eating, drinking and playing life

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Sega has released more information about its new series, where is the light and dark of dragon 7, and introduced the details of its role "fetter" system. The value of "fetter" is used to reflect the relationship between spring day and partners in "the direction of light and darkness in dragon 7". Through "fetter" to increase partners' ability, career and available moves for transfer will increase, even after spring attack. The "fetter" value of a partner can be improved through various entertainment, such as going to the "Masterpiece Theater" to select the film that the partner likes, matching the appropriate meal when going to dinner, and triggering a special dining dialogue "banquet conversation" when eating. When the relationship between Spring Festival and partners becomes closer, each partner's side story "fetter theater" will be launched. By solving their troubles or problems, the capacity of partners will be greatly increased. There is also a strong "combination skill" between the characters in "the direction of light and dark like a dragon 7", which is called "tripping skill", in completing the companion...
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