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"Just rotten rice" and game evaluation

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Touch music night talk, nonsense and game related shit, ghosts, new things every day. Recently, a domestic IP adaptation game was very popular, which also caused a lot of controversy. As an editor of game media, I watched the whole process from listing to debate. This process is also very interesting: before, when people tried to play this game at major game exhibitions at home and abroad, many players & mdash; whether they are fans of original animation or not & mdash; actually had a little bit of count on its quality. At least, some of the most criticized shortcomings of the game have been exposed in the trial version, while the development team knows that there are many problems, but they have not changed in the future production process, which is a bit confusing. Before and after the game is officially released, the media that get the qualification of trial play in advance release the evaluation one after another, and the players who still hold the wait-and-see attitude can probably find themselves from the evaluation articles.
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