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[October 4, 2019] switch weekly Tour: fighting bowling week

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[October 4, 2019] switch weekly Tour: fighting bowling week
Hello everyone, here is switch weekly. It is dedicated to bringing you weekly switch game overview, helping you to select the Games worth playing and the unique games. This column will be updated on the first working day of each week. I hope you don't miss it. &Nbsp; & nbsp; there is no particularly heavy work landing on switch this week, but there are still some games to watch. For example, the beautiful girl fighting game "skeleton girl: two returns". Monaco recommended this week: full version original name: Monaco: complete game unlocking time: 21:00 on October 21 (European service) language: English minimum reference price: 106.16 yuan (US service) this is a retro pixel style sneak game, its original is called "one of the best cooperative games in history" by Pcgamer. This work supports online...
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