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"Goblin's tail" 19 minute demonstration: Ming Lei meets the enemy in turn battle

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Glorious tekumo recently announced the latest demonstration of the RPG game adapted from the popular animation "goblin's tail" world view, which lasted for 19 minutes, mainly showing the daily and combat parts of the game. In the video address video, you can see that the player controls the protagonist to move freely in the town and take the task. When you get out of the town, you will come to the big map. You can enter the new area by moving the cursor to the designated place. In the game, Ming Lei is used to meet the enemy, and turn system is used to fight. The enemy can be defeated by reasonable command cooperation. Finally, when the completed task is handed in, the demonstration is over. "Goblin's tail" will land on PS4, switch and PC in 2020, supporting Chinese.
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