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"The king of the Crusaders 3" officially announced, landing on PC in 2020

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On pdxcon 2019, paradox officially released its new work "the king of the Crusaders 3" and released a trailer. This work will be released in 2020, log in to steam, and will join the Xbox game pass of PC version. The video address "king of the Crusaders" is a famous strategic game series with medieval themes. The first two works were launched in 2004 and 2012 respectively. Henrik f å hraeus, director of the game, said that "king of the Crusades 3" would be a grand medieval simulator and the first work in the series with 3D characters. By the way, you can now get "king of the Crusaders 2" free of charge in steam, but it doesn't include Chinese or massive DLC. Video screenshot & nbsp; source: Pcgamer
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