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A game linkage makes a fast food giant a third party

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A game linkage makes a fast food giant a third party
With the continuous development of the game industry, the linkage between the game and various industries has become more and more, and the scope has gradually expanded. Among the means of linkage, it is a very mature way to launch linkage meals in cooperation with well-known catering enterprises. In the past two years, the domestic players of the famous mobile phone pager "blue fantasy" have more or less moved to invite people to eat the linkage package of McDonald's in Japan. After all, whether it's delicious or not, the props in the game that come with the package are still to be taken. In July this year, the national costume "Final Fantasy 14" × KFC linkage became players' carnival that month, with meals to eat and black fat land birds to take. For a while, there were those who shared the "strategy" of eating, those who forced their friends to eat together, and those who wanted to go whoring for free. Because KFC has inserted the seemingly mysterious sugu castle into the linkage package, which makes the players keep away from it. People are constantly trying to communicate with the staff and try to replace it with pu...
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