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Night talk: please pay your time cost

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Touch music night talk, nonsense and game related shit, ghosts, new things every day. Xiao Luo is so artistic! The switch version of "Wizard 3: Wild hunting" has been released on October 15, and media reviews have come out one after another. There is not much to say about the content. This game has been released in multiple versions on other platforms, which is undoubtedly a great game. All the evaluation of switch version seems to focus on the frame number, resolution and image quality. Judging from the reviews I've seen, if the optimization has done its best, the switch in this game is a bit reluctant. The TV mode is 720p and the palm mode is 540p, but it is not stable. When it comes to large scenes, the TV mode will drop to the resolution of the palm. The rendering distance of the scenes is very close, and the maps are pasted a little like cartoon rendering. That's it & hellip; & hellip; I don't mean to render how miserable the switch version is. In fact, the switch player may be the world...
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