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Assessment of Destiny 2: the dark fortress: a small step in the leap

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Assessment of Destiny 2: the dark fortress: a small step in the leap
——Welfare at the end of the article: in the year after the release and sale of the lost people, both Bungie and destiny have undergone earth shaking "fate" changes. In the third year, destiny 2 is no longer under the control of Activision. Now, Bungie has become one of the largest independent game developers and distributors in the world, all of which point to a new destiny. As the first large-scale content expansion after Bungie regained its autonomy, the significance of shadow fortress is not only the beginning of a new year of destiny, from which we can see how Bungie will instill new ideas after independence into all aspects of the game. The end of a story is the beginning of the next chapter. Ellis moon, one of the core characters of the first generation of destiny, returns to the center of the story two years after his disappearance. The mysterious object she found on the moon triggered a new demon...
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