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Miyazaki Ingao: What I fear most is "human malice".

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Miyazaki Ingao: What I fear most is
At a recent Brazilian game exhibition, Miyazaki Ingao spoke to the Brazilian game media Start about some interesting personal experiences. Miyazaki Yinggao said that he was a real fan of Shanda Literature and that their private relationship was good, but he did not want to develop games with Shanda Literature. Because when developing games, it is better to have only one supervisor. The game should be designed according to the vision of the supervisor first, and Miyazaki Yinggao thinks that they are not close to each other. If they could work together, Miyazaki said he would not oversee it and might do more technical work. Miyazaki joked that he and Yokota were competitors because Yokota liked Yokota literati, and Miyazaki wanted to be the first fan of Yokota literati. Miyazaki Yinggao revealed that his degree in social sciences had a certain impact on the development of games, which also affected his world outlook, and "Blood Curse" in one of the ________.
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