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Twitch cracks down on sexual cues, but the shooting anchors can't figure it out.

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Twitch recently banned Quqco, an ID anchor, on the grounds that her cos "Street King" heroine Chunli was dressed in what officials thought was an “ sexual cue ”. This shocked many anchors, including Quqco himself, because the dress wasn't too vulgar. But it's not an isolated incident: Twitch seems to have increased its crackdown on so-called “ sexual cues & rdquo; content over the past few days, but in this reform, it's hard to understand their blockade of some of the anchors. In addition to Quqco, several other well-known anchors were also suspended or warned from Twitch because their live broadcasts were also considered to contain sexual cues. Bridgett Devoue has been suspended for three days recently, and the official reason is that she & ldquo; shares or...
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