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"Official Games of Tokyo 2020" is upgraded free of charge today, adding new projects and new models

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The official Games of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games have been officially released. Shijia announced today that it will be upgraded free of charge today (September 20). It will add a new event, "Seven-man Rugby" and "Challenge Top Sportsmen!" The first wave of the update. "Seven-man Rugby" is similar to traditional rugby, but because of the small number of players, the pace of the game is faster, and the average score is higher, it is becoming popular gradually. Now players can also experience the charm of this sport personally in the game. "Challenge top athletes! The first wave of updates includes 100-meter runner Kambridge Bird and beach volleyball combination Mizuho Sakaguchi and Rihua Murakami. The players themselves also included voice recordings for the game. There will be more players to join in the future, including the famous table tennis player Fukuhara Ai, who is familiar with by Chinese small partners. At the same time, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics...
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