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Phantom Action: Breakthrough B: Guidelines for Aurora Island Tourism

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In a sense, Yubi is an & ldquo; an international tourism company & rdquo;. In the days we met Yubi, we saw the sunny beaches in Los Angeles, the rainforests and mountains in Bolivia, even the scenery of ancient Greece, and the Notre Dame of Paris, which has not been eroded by the fire, hellip; they may have many & ldquo; grooves & rdquo; but you can't deny the beauty of their scenery. OK. This autumn, in Yubi's & ldquo; sponsorship & rdquo; next, my colleague Guo Zhenyu and I had the privilege of flying by helicopter & ldquo; going to & rdquo; Aurora island, opening a three-day & ldquo; holiday time & rdquo;. Here, we will experience in advance & ldquo; ghost action & rdquo; the 8th series of works & mdash; & mdash; "Tom & middo..."
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