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"Lessa's Alchemy Room" Chinese story demonstration video: Ordinary girls eager to take risks

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Glorious Tekumo's "Lessa's Alchemy Workshop" released the latest game trailer and Chinese story introduction video on TGS. The Game Trailer video address Chinese story introduction video address Trailer accompanied by the game theme song "Rainbow Summer" sung by Shentian Sha, and all the game characters appeared. The Alchemy House of Lesa will bring a completely new evolutionary game system, and the alchemists themselves have also grown up. In addition, the game also announced the special edition and the collection edition of the same bundle of content as follows. Special edition with bundles of content: new illustration poster, window glass folder, two original art atlas, original plot with Lesa "Devil's embrace" costume, the same clothing with Corotia acrylic mini-character hanging collection with bundles of content: special edition with bundles of content, special new illustration, special big Cloth Poster secret base acrylic field The combination of scenery models can connect six posters of "The Queen and the Secret Hidden Place in Lessa's Alchemy" which will be published in 2.
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