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Starting a Lemon Tree-Marine Drifting Survival Game "The Last Wood" online in Team

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Starting a Lemon Tree-Marine Drifting Survival Game
Developed by Just Us Game Lab, a domestic independent game development team, Gamera Game's marine survival sandbox game "The Last Wood" has been officially launched in the form of Early Access at a price of 48 yuan and a 10% discount for the first week. Click on the "Last Wood" Steam Shop page, "Last Wood" is a game that combines elements of ocean, survival and simulation, in which players will operate a group of people lost in the sea, so that they can survive on the last raft. In addition to daily needs such as eating, drinking, and Lazard, the post-apocalyptic sea is in danger, whether it's crowds of pirates, unknown creatures from the bottom of the sea or natural phenomena such as storms and thunderstorms, which will cause great harm to your raft and inhabitants, and whether you can persist in surviving and explore behind it. The story is all about play.
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