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Toule Night Talk: Operational Design of Those "Anti-Human" Games

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Happy Night Talk, everyday jokes and games related farts, ghosts, new things. Yes, that's how the inhumane designs are distorted (Tu/Xiao Luo). The other day, because of the move, I took out the computer, host computer, CD-ROM and game magazine which had not been handled for a long time. The old host took out the power to see if it was still normal, and tried several games. Do not try not have this feeling, try to find that, let alone PS2, is PS3 game out also a bit like a world apart. This is not only because the game pictures on these platforms are obviously out of date, but also because the operation is not suitable for me. For example, when the PS3 handle is back in hand, it feels light, plastic feels good, and the touch of the button seems not so good (or maybe the old handle is really aging). After adapting to the layout of Share and Options on the PS4 handle, I often habitually empty on the PS3 handle. I tried...
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