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Chief Producer of Longteng Century

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Chief Producer of Longteng Century
Fernando Melo, the chief producer of Bioware's new Longteng Century, recently quit, while Ben Irving, the chief producer of the hymn, just left Bioware. Fernando Melo was a senior producer of "The Origin of the Longteng Century" and "Longteng Century 2" before becoming Director of Bioware Online Content in 2011. In 2015, he was responsible for the online content of Quality Effect Andromeda, and later became the chief producer of the new Longteng Century. Fernando Melo said on Twitter that he needed time to explore the next stage of his career. In an email he sent to his colleagues, Fernando Melo said that the steady development of the new Longteng Century will bring the ultimate "Longteng Century" experience. Source: PCGAMER
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