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"PC-E Mini" Complete Game Lineup Publishes 50 Kinds of Play to Explode

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Konami today released a new promotional film, "PC-E mini", which introduced the host's built-in game lineup, including 50 games, including 26 Japanese and 24 European and American versions of the game lineup. Video address "PC-E mini" Japanese version, European version (named & nbsp; PC Engine Core Grafx mini) and American version (named & nbsp; Turbo Grafx-16 mini) will be sold worldwide on March 19, 2020. The price tagged on the official website is 10,500 yen. At present, Amazon in Japan has online pre-order pages, in addition to the pre-order pages of the host, there are links. Pre-order of handle, multi-handle adapter and power peripheral. According to the pre-order page, you can also pre-order the European and American version of the host, it seems that this is not a regional restriction. The pre-order will open on July 15. Japanese edition...
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