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Game/Hardware Weekly Sales in Japan 2019 6.3-6.9

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Game/Hardware Weekly Sales in Japan 2019 6.3-6.9
Sales of games and hardware in Japan last week (6.3-6.9) by Famitong have been announced. Rage 2, a waste-style open-world game, landed in Japan last week and topped the list with 12,000 copies. The second to fourth ranking games are Switch games, with sales of 8691 Nintendo Star Race Special Edition, 8235 My World Switch Edition and 8105 Malio Racing 8 Deluxe Edition respectively. In terms of new works, Volkswagen Golf VR was released last week, with 6367 copies sold, ranking fifth in the sales list. From March to June 9, 2019, the top 10 sales of the game: Hardware, the highest sales last week was Switch, which sold 33,590 units. With the launch of "Days of Play" by Sony, sales of PS4 and PS4 Pro have increased significantly,...
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