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"Light of the Torch 2" will be launched on September 3 on three main platforms

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Torch Light 2, which was first released in 2012, received a good response at that time, and many players called it the "Dark Successor". Today, Runic Games, a well-received brush and brush, has decided to work with Panic Button, another studio, to bring Torch Light 2 to PS4, Xbox One and Switch platforms. "Torch Light 2" will be optimized for handle operation and game UI will change. Runic Games said that the changed operation and UI will greatly improve the player's experience on the host platform. In addition to operation and UI, players can also get new achievements and trophies in the game, and the host version will also have new pet followers and other new content. "Light of the Torch 2" will be landed on September 3 at P.
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