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Microsoft confirms that Halo Infinite will be launched on PC

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Microsoft confirms that Halo Infinite will be launched on PC
In Microsoft's Inside Xbox live broadcast, Chris Lee, the FPS game director of Halo, revealed some details of Halo Infinite and confirmed that the game would be launched on PC. Chris Lee confirmed that Halo Infinite will be released with the next generation of Xbox by the end of 2020, corresponding to the next generation of Xbox, all current versions of Xbox One, and PC. As for the game itself, he revealed that Halo Infinite was developed with a new Slipspace engine, which Microsoft invested heavily. This will be the basis of Halo experience in the next decade and the most powerful tool group Microsoft has developed for Halo. Microsoft's ambition for Halo Infinite could not be fulfilled by using the previous engine. The "Exploration Hope" announcement broadcast at the end of the E3 conference is actually the opening animation of the game campaign mode, intercepted in the engine, not CG. What appears in the announcement is that ___________.
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