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Todd: I regret not giving Radiation 76 a big free test.

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Todd: I regret not giving Radiation 76 a big free test.
Todd Howard, director of Bethesda Game Studios, attended Gamespot's live show, where he said his last regret for Radiation 76 was that he had not arranged a large free test for it. Todd said that if they had arranged for a beta test of Radiation 76 that was free for all Radiation 4 players, open all day and lasted for a long time, they might have found out what problems they really needed to solve. The reason why the development team was worried about the peak number of games before the launch was that they solved the problem, but did not understand the performance of the game after it was fully open, so something happened later. Todd said they learned the lesson in a difficult way, but he wanted to start with a large free test. In the previous E3 issue..
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