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"Moon Night" landed on PC on July 26 to launch its annual expansion film

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"Moon Night" is a card game that combines roguelike and DBG on mobile platform. Players play Little Red Riding Hood in the game and enter the dark forest on the night of Moon. They collect cards along the way to challenge randomly generated checkpoint routes. "Full Moon Night" was launched in 2017 and has been downloaded more than 8 million worldwide. During this period, the development team has launched new professions (pharmacists), new protagonists (carpenters) and other updates, but the plot is not separated from Little Red Riding Hood's experience on this full moon night. On July 26, the official will launch the annual documentary "Little Red Riding Hood Diary" of "Moon Night", and this update is much more. The protagonist of station B address "Little Red Riding Hood Diary" is Little Red Riding Hood in childhood. Players will understand the story through her perspective. Grandma did not let Little Red Riding Hood go to the dark forest, but Little Red Riding Hood just pulled on the carpenter, and two of them were separated by accident on the way. Except for...
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