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Cloud Game Becomes a New Competitive Point for Big Companies

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Cloud Game Becomes a New Competitive Point for Big Companies
On June 11-13, the E3 Electronic Entertainment Exhibition, a grand event in the video game industry, is being held as scheduled. With more and more vendors and games coming to the exhibition one after another, cloud games have become a hot topic of discussion among practitioners, including Microsoft and Google, which have announced their own layout plans for cloud games. Microsoft, for example, released a preview version of Project XCloud at the annual E3 conference. It is reported that the company acquired the start-up PlayFab early last year, which provides developers with cloud-based game tools. Last October, Microsoft announced Project XCloud, which will allow users to transfer the entire Xbox One library (including Xbox Game Pass games) to mobile devices. Mark Skwarski, senior product marketing manager of Microsoft, also revealed in an interview with the media, "We are expanding globally.
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