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EA developed a "The Simpsons" party game but later cancelled it.

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EA developed a
In May, EA tweeted that it would invite the authors of The Simpsons to attend E3. At that time, it was widely believed that EA would announce the announcement of the Simpsons theme game in E3. In a recent live E3 broadcast, EA developers confirmed that the game did exist, but that was a thing of the past. According to the original idea, this "Simpsons" game is a "Mario Party" like party games, the game will use the role and settings of "Simpsons" with a lot of small games. However, after the actual evaluation, there is a problem in front of developers, that is, this kind of multi-party small game production is not easy, if you want to complete their ideas, it will take them more than 20 years, which is obviously unrealistic. Because of this, developers may be a little happy when the project is cancelled.
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