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A Fair, a City - How Poland Conquered Me

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A Fair, a City - How Poland Conquered Me
At the end of May, on behalf of the game time, I was invited by Krakow Technology Park to Krakow, Poland's second largest city, to attend the Digital Dragons Independent Game Exhibition in 2019. It's no exaggeration to say that Poland has leaped to be one of the most favorite countries I've ever visited in the past few days, even a little disappointed when I returned home. On the one hand, physical, six-hour jet lag makes me a little out of shape, which takes a few days to slow down; more spiritually, Krakow is really beautiful. It can satisfy all your ideas about medieval European cities, and participating in Digital Dragons is a wonderful experience. I see a wonderful experience here. Game Country. My former colleague Lao Wang 17 once called VG the first Polish blower. Now, I officially announce that I will be the second generation leader. [Phase]
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