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New Demo of "Land Without Owner 3": Mechatron Beast with Gatling in Hand

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New Demo of
Since the publication of Land Without Ownership 3 on PAX, the government has been steadily promoting content. Gearbox not only showed the new announcement at the Microsoft E3 conference, but also brought a new live demonstration today, focusing on the artillery Moz and his partner "Iron Bear". One of the most attractive parts is that players drill into the "Iron Bear" section of the bridge. Driving Iron Bear Moss is like driving Titan's "Iron Manipulator", sweeping around with Gatling in one hand and rewarding the enemy with a few tracking missiles. She also has a skill panel around Tie Xiong's addition points, which can enhance the armor's capabilities in all aspects. In addition, the variety of guns in the "Land without Owners" series is still reflected in the new work. Those weapons that can not be named and varied are absolutely addictive. According to official data, Moz was a soldier who fought six Galaxy wars before leaving the army to search for treasures in pursuit of profit. In a crisis situation, she can ____________.
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