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The giant advertisement of "Destroyer of Eternity" is open and magnificent enough!

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The giant advertisement of
The Figueroa Hotel in Los Angeles is one of the special attractions of E3. Every year before the opening of the exhibition, the exterior wall of the hotel will print the popular game posters of that year. In the past years, the game on the wall included GTA5, Scroll 5 of Ancient Times: Skyline, etc., which was highly praised. This year's poster protagonists are "Destroyer Eternity". The artists began to draw posters in May this year, and now they are almost finished. Let's enjoy the production process of this giant poster and the final effect of the finished product. In May this year, the poster began to work and is almost finished. It looks quite atmospheric. There is no doubt that "Destroyer of Eternity" will be one of the key games of this E3. This work is a sequel to "Destroyers" in 2016. It will be produced by ID Tech 7 engine, confirming landing on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC platforms. Bethesda will be on June 10...
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