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Wolf Study Learner, The Wolf, No. 5: Outside Doctrine (Part 2)

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Wolf Study Learner, The Wolf, No. 5: Outside Doctrine (Part 2)
About 500 B.C., Gautama Siddhartha founded Buddhism, which was called "Buddhism" in ancient China. Today, the symbol of the Chinese Buddhist Association is also related to the founding of Buddha's "Sakyamuni". This symbol is also engraved on the "Fa'aoyi Book of Fist in Xianfeng Temple". The congregation members of Xianfeng Temple accumulate merits and virtues by practicing boxing. The so-called "law" means teaching. If they want to defeat the Buddhist enemy with their own strength, both "fist" and "law" are indispensable. But now Xianfeng Temple is trapped by immortality, and "law" has been lost, and "fist" is biased. In Buddhism, Sakyamuni realized Buddhism in Luyeyuan, and for the first time interpreted Buddhism as "the first turning wheel". Therefore, Falun has become a symbol of Buddhism. Eight spokes represent the Eight Paths. Ironically, however, the Xianfeng Temple in "Only Wolf" also regards the "first turn Falun" as its monastery symbol, and even more, the "Falun" as a dark weapon to throw at the enemies that can not be reached. From Xianfeng...
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