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Mini MD Final Bounce Game Releases 42 Games All Open

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Mini MD Final Bounce Game Releases 42 Games All Open
Sega officially released the last few Mini MD built-in games on June 5. In addition to publishing 10 regular works, Sega has added two special MD games. These two games are the first generation of the new "space fighter" arcade transplant version, and the suspension of the sale of the MD version of "Tetris". Here's a detailed list of the last game: Magic Gem Monster World 4 Kid Chameleon Dream Simulated Warfare 2 (US version is eternal fighter) Dragon Girl Soldier Alicia Violent Motorcycle 2 Slap Fight (US version is Iron-Headed Ant) Snowman Brothers: Nick and Tom (US version is L Chameleon) Light Crusader 2 Ancient Seal (US Version VR Soldier 2) Space Fighter Initial (Additional) Russian Tetris (Additional) Previous 30 included games as follows: Lockheed Machine in the Great Magic Village (...).........................................
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