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Talk about those "dramatic" E3 moments

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Talk about those
Today's E3 is different from decades ago. From the earliest executives on stage to explain financial reports, to the technical demonstrations of frequent accidents, to the complete entertainment nowadays, it seems that "less nonsense" broadcasting is gradually evolving into a mainstream form. But there's something that hasn't changed in the past 23 years, that is, we can always find dramatic flashes on the stage. If you recall a little, you should remember the weird "greenhouse" at Sony's booth last year. With the presentation of "The Last Survivor 2" on the screen, the participants'environment and game scenes are intertwined and impressive. On the occasion of Ubisoft, Antti Ilvessuo, creative director of Red Lynx studio, rode a motorcycle from the auditorium, and the bearded uncle smashed the platform with one foot, not forgetting his playful speech: "The core spirit of Stunt Motorcycle is to get up after falling down!" ...
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