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How long does the "anti-addiction" system of system vulnerability multi-network swimming take to land?

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How long does the
A few days ago, China Consumption Association released the "Youth Myopia Status and Online Game Consumption Experience Report", pointing out that less than 40% of the 50 online games under evaluation are compulsory real-name games, and one third of the compulsory real-name games do not use anti-addiction time reminder and compulsory withdrawal mechanism. In addition to the above situation, the reporter interviewed and learned that many teenagers also through a number of games for play, borrowing parental identity information and other ways to "drill holes", excessive addiction to online games has not yet been effectively solved. How to make the "real name system" and "anti-addiction" system come to the ground and guide teenagers to contact games correctly is a problem we must face at present. There are many loopholes in the system, and users have never received anti-addiction reminders: "Considering the protection of personal privacy, I did not choose to register in real name when playing mobile games, which has no impact on the game experience." Meng Jianhui is a hand-game player, he told reporters that many games will remind players to register by real name, but not by real name.
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