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From the Steam: to review 2018, we can see

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From the Steam: to review 2018, we can see
In 2018, is an American software company Valve Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the V club), gaming platform Steam was born 16 years, in this year, after Steam into becoming the world's largest gaming platform in the throes of: quantity and quality is difficult to match the game, growth after the outbreak of users, supporting service problems also ensue. Towards the end of the year is represented by Epic emerging platform began to challenge for Steam; Attracted to survive the jedi to a variety of Chinese players can be retained, become the 2019 suspension on Steam head the dharma of Chris's sword; The controversial adult games problem can be solve, how to solve, is 2018 V club after an unsolved problem. The expansion of the massive influx of new users, game shelves, increasing sales, in essence, the development trend of Steam is still good, otherwise the V clubs also...
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