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"Mortal kombat 11" will not affect balance equipment system

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Recently, NetherRealm Studios studio core technology group producer Trevor Traub participated in the Xbox Wire interviews, which mentioned about the mortal kombat 11 equipment system. Traub explain gear system will not add additional attributes, just decorate. Players can also through the in-game LianZhao movements of the other system adjustment role play, "" mortal kombat 11" and "unjust alliance 2" the main difference is that the equipment itself does not contain any attribute values. Just decoration. But you can to the equipment within the slot to add some other things to change LianZhao action, play or hard straight recovery effect. That which we call reinforcement. They are different. So, the equipment itself is only decoration, then you can to add above various loot you get in the game. You can follow one's inclinationsly custom roles. "For example Skar...
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