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Reunion decompression inheritance culture Suitable for the Spring Festival travel party game

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The Spring Festival is the Chinese year of the most important holiday, in this in the day of family, the People's Daily online game to recommend a few suitable for the whole family to play the game, some can be reduced pressure, some can feel the Chinese traditional culture, let everybody have a happy Chinese New Year. Game can stress relaxation, but don't too crazy game, in this reunion day, in the game, spend more time with loved ones at home. The ritual: reunion recommended reason: the ritual: reunion "stick to traditional culture, the subject of the wonderful holiday for family reunion, lightweight interactive text narrative style, will be in the drawing, lead the players enjoy the interpretation tradition of historical allusions and folklore - what is the relationship between" lucky money "and" special "? Why the god of wealth has the branch of military? Snowballing usury is how to? What is the historical origins of shadow play? The daughter edition of the Chinese parents recommended reason: the Chinese...
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