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"The kingdom era" celebrate the New Year to join the "monopoly" game

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Celebrate the New Year, "the kingdom era" join "monopoly", integrating strategic and leisure entertainment, gaming experience to upgrade! At the same time, hot Spring Festival activities online, a big Bob red envelope, generous reward good luck has arrived in the battlefield, quickly pull on Allies enjoyed New Year together! New "monopoly" game open, huge amounts of crystal you like to mention in the battlefield, the Lord of the kingdom of the adults is when leisure entertainment to relax, relaxed and fun "monopoly" game on! Castle full 21st level lords adults, after customs clearance chapter 8 of the heroic adventures, you can open a new map of "monopoly", use the treasure props can begin your lucky coin 】 【 treasure trip! Lords coveted best source equipment, battle treasure case 】 【 【 lively turned feather 】 on the road, waiting for your visit, to conquer the final BOSS how the grinch stole Christmas, still have a chance to win the huge crystal! The kingdom of the lunar New Year, fancy...
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