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Huai poster spring XianXia mobile game "heaven asked" in February a mystery

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Huai poster spring XianXia mobile game
Manifest fairy, within easy reach; Cure huai, secular by the land. King huai hai 2019 3 d XianXia mobile game "heaven asked" since its release, has been attracting the attention of players. On January 28, "heaven asked" released two Zhang Guofeng character posters, poster copy "mystery" seems to suggest that there will be any new dynamic games in February. Huai huai "cure XianXia mobile game by redefining aesthetics", "heaven asked" is a through the next generation technology of 3 d XianXia MMO, research and development has been the pursuit of industry high picture quality and visual performance, with scenes, clothing, the illusion of animals shape design XianXia the beauty of the world. Two pieces of "mystery" posters, feminine woman, a man good, peach blossom set each other off, sword. Combined with the game name "heaven asked," it's not hard to imagine it is a have a romance play XianXia mobile game. "Heaven asked" since its release, it caused a fairy with theme of love game...
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