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To buy it? "Dearly beloved 3"

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To buy it?
Guide "buy it" column, to provide a game introduction, version information and some foreign media for the evaluation of the game. Game introduction at the beginning of projects, from 2006 to 2013 E3 debut, after waiting for ten years, "dearly beloved 3" finally came to the front of our eyes. This is a whole series of 12 films, "article" Dark the Seeker (Dark Seeker Saga) final chapter. Story to undertake the kingdom hearts 3 d dream deep down, return to the leading role of sola, with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, goofy, and library set foot on the journey together, through the different world of adventure, with Mr Arnault personalities will draw full stop. By alternating the role of the "dearly beloved 3", will take on a whole series of all roles. Sola, kelly, the library, library o terra, emilia, Venn, kay Millie, Locke sass, sheehan, leah, and other familiar image...
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