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"Hymn" experience version has begun preloading size of about 25 gb

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"Hymn" experience version is now in the port of PS Store and Xbox mall stores, size of about 25 gb. This VIP test will be in Beijing time on January 26 01:00 ~ 10:00 open test on January 28th, only open to have pre-orders of the players. For all players public beta will be opened on February 1 ~ 3,. Players will experience the game in VIP test content, mid level will be from 10 levels, the highest level can be up to 15, can choose a ranger and another mecha. Wait until open test at the beginning of the progress in the VIP test can inherit, and the client will automatically update to upgrade to a public beta. But the two beta progress cannot be inherited to the official version. In addition, the official version beta and there are many other different places, including the economic system and balancing system, etc., you can click here to read for details.
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