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"Happy Fun 2016" is not your play "Happy Fun 2016"

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In the afternoon of January 18, 2019, Le Element's official microblog issued a clarification statement on the news that "National Computer Emergency Response Center monitored and found a new product named"Happy Fun 2016"(Version V1.0) as illegal and harmful mobile application", announcing that the product has nothing to do with Happy Fun or other products produced by Le Element. The name of the genuine game is and only. For Happy Relaxation. The official micro-blog of Le Element issued a clarification statement, saying: 1. Le Element has never authorized any entity or individual to develop or distribute a product named "Happy Disposal 2016" (version V1.0). This product has nothing to do with "Happy Disposal 2016" or any other product produced by Le Element. 2. "Happy Disposal" and "Disposal" are registered trademarks of Yue Element, which are protected by law. Yue Element will retain all the rights to investigate the legal liabilities of relevant infringing entities or individuals.
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