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"Throughout the blockade 2" story process about 40 hours can be a team for the game

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Xbox website appeared an article introduces "across block 2", which revealed the game thread clearance time is about 40 hours. , Massive Entertainment, according to the developers, and red storm studio games will provide about 40 hours of the content of the story mode, players can single person or party. In addition to the main story, the whole block 2 "will also provide a rich dark space and PVP content for players to try, you can click here to view our demo report. Ubisoft says it will also listen to the feedback of players in the games of the subsequent updates, and provided free of charge in the first year of updates, including massive raid 8. "Across the blockade 2" will go on sale on March 15, 2019, corresponding to the PS4 / Xbox One/PC. On February 7 to 10 games will open for purchase in advance to the player's "Private Beta test". Source: the Xbox
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