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Was the owl court? Rice system concept map on "batman," speculation

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Was the owl court? Rice system concept map on
At the end of last year, there have been rumours that the next batman game studio warner Montreal will be responsible for the development, the main villain of the owl court game, this let "batman" series fans shine at the moment, and in recent days, some fans of batman concept map and caused a new round of speculation on the Internet recently, a man named Eddie Mendoza's concept artist in his ArtStation  The home page to upload a few the concept of the batman theme paintings. Works normally, it should be just ordinary fans to share, but it is worth noting that is currently working for apple Eddie Mendoza had worked with warner, and soon after he posted a concept map, remove them. Although Mendoza said this is just out of interest personal projects, but his actions, that argument is not convincing. In the Me...
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